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  • USA ISBN : 978-197-94-9539-4

  • SGP ISBN : 978-981-11-8122-1     

  • Ebook ASIN : B07DL5T183

Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist 2020

Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist 2019 – Inspirational Fiction

Readers’ Favourite Book Award Finalist 2019 – Religious Theme


On Kate’s fifteenth birthday, she decides to take a weekend trip to Chicago with her best friend, Gus, but a cataclysmic flood sweeps through the city streets and sends her tumbling into a world completely different from her own. In this land, lightning bolts act as magical staircases…mythical creatures come to life…and stars fall from the galaxies.  It is here that Kate, a girl with special needs and behavioral challenges, will finally be forced to grow up and confront some hard truths about herself.

     Kate runs into someone unexpected, and they are about to have the adventure of a lifetime. They will be whisked to the end-times, a distant land full of dangers and disasters where the evil Queen Evrisx sets her sights on the young girl. Evrisx, with her unnatural powers is set to doom the world and the constellation of stars…

     Join Kate in the land of myths and wonders to experience the adventures.

To Be Continued … Book II in the works

     “J.P.H. Tan has written an interesting book with Kate in the Land of Myths and Wonders. The fantasy element of it is a little reminiscent of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Alice from Alice in Wonderland, but this story has more Christian overtones.” – Readers’ Favorite (S. Gregory), a Midwest Book Review feature

     “The setting is an important device in this novel, and TAN deftly weaves together technology and mythology to create a world that is both original and intriguing. Kate may not know or understand what is happening around her, but the world she is thrust into is beautifully described and loaded with allegorical meaning.” – Booklife

      “There is some teen angst, but it does not get in the way of the narrative, which is always spot on, providing a diverting, thoughtful read.” – Reader’s Favorite (A.L. Peevey)

      “Tan’s debut young adult fairy tale is a slim, quick, and easy read…The story overall is both simple yet ambitious in design and asks questions of the reader without detracting from its engagement. It also boasts a colorfully painted cover that is synonymous with Tan’s alternate world and invites the reader into this intriguing read.” – US Review of Books (Dylan Ward)

       “J.P.H. Tan’s debut YA fantasy is a whimsical interpretation of the Christian apocalypse scenario that features clever and subtle incorporation of the more striking omens, such as the stars falling and the mark of the beast.” – Readers’ Favorite (C.L. Farley)



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