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J.P.H. Tan, known as June to her friends, was born in Singapore and graduated from York University in Canada.  She is a Christian who explores the concept of the end-times in her first young-adult fantasy novel. June’s decision to write a book came about after the birth of her son in 2008. It was during those restless moments in-between her baby’s feeds, burps and naps that she decided to pen some short stories.

    On the night of X’mas 2009, June had a dream. She saw herself struggling in a flood and was miraculously transported to a mysterious realm. It was then that the idea for ‘Kate in the land of myths and wonders’ was conceived, and the dream would become the opening chapter of the book. However, her countless attempts at trying to continue with the storyline were unsuccessful. Every idea that came to mind just didn’t feel right. Her spirit was simply unsettled and dissatisfied until she began to seek the Lord. Each time she did, there would come another dream or vision, and they appeared different and unrelated. June didn’t understand but went on to record all that she had experienced. As such, the series of dreams which eventually became the twelve chapters of the book were written randomly, independent of one another over a period of seven years.

     On the eighth year in 2017, June finally had a revelation about the entire plot and managed to arrange the chapters in sequence. Fusing some dreams she remembered from her childhood  into the plot, all the twelve chapters were finally woven together and the book was completed. It was then that she realized the story was about the end-times, and God’s mercy and judgement.

     Among other things, June hopes that the book will help her readers understand that everyone is unique and different and that we should all learn to embrace and appreciate ourselves for who we are.

    In her spare time, June enjoys barre workouts, reading and watching movies while snacking on sweeten & salted popcorn. She loves desserts and anything sweet. June currently lives in Hong Kong with her family.

Drawings copyright © 2018  J.P.H. Tan – Some of the author’s notes

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.”

– Philippians 2 : 13 NIV