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“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

Proverbs 19 : 21 NIV

J.P.H. Tan, known as June to her friends, is a Christian who explores the concept of end-times in this, her first young-adult fantasy novel. The dreams and visions that she has had since childhood inspired her to write this story. The earliest and most vivid dream she had was at the age of eight. That night, she saw herself ascending a unique flight of stairs that floated in the sky – exactly the way it was described in chapter 5 of the book – and she can still remember every minute detail. Growing up, she always wondered about those staircases, and planned on finding someone to re-create and engineer it into a real product which could be marketed to the major theme parks as an attraction someday. But she simply couldn’t bring herself to convince anyone about such an out-of-this-world idea. She now believes that the dream was meant for this novel and that only God could have kept it there-in her heart-all these years to fulfill His purpose. 

On the night of 25th Dec in 2009, June had a bizarre dream that got her thinking about  a fantasy novel.

began to experience a series of most bizarre dreams that inspired her to write a fantasy novel. With the notes that she kept each time she awoke from such occasional dreams, she tried to piece everything together to create a story out of it but it never seemed to work. They just couldn’t make sense. The dreams were all so random and different it was simply impossible to connect them. But down in her spirit, June felt that they could be fitted together and she’d just have to find out how. And so she prayed. Each time she did, she’d wake up the next morning with relevation on how to do it. This spurred her to keep going and after persisting for eight long years, June finally managed to complete the puzzle and put the whole manuscript together.

completion of the book in 2017. Yes, it took her eight long years and it was a very tedious and humbling experience but fruitful. It taught her patience and perseverence and more importantly, it helped strengthen her faith. Each time she awakes from a dream , she would quickly jot it down with drawings as they were most compelling and she was sure they would definitely interest many young fantasy readers. 

However, the dreams were completely independent of each other and made no sense when she tried to piece them together over the years. June has written and deleted many versions of the story because she simply couldn’t find the perfect flow and ending to the story.